Per bloccare su internet i messaggi pubblicitari
senza aver bisogno del root !!

AdGuard è uno strumento unico che elimina la pubblicità su Android anche senza privilegi di root, protegge la tua privacy e ti aiuta a gestire le tue app.
Facile da configurare e da impostare, ma potente e altamente personalizzabile — ha tutto ciò di cui avrai mai bisogno da un ad blocker, non solo rimuovere la pubblicità su Android ma anche evitare l’apertura di pagine indesiderate, per fare un esempio.

This update brings our YouTube player’s usability to a whole new level: we added background playback, recommended videos, quality settings, and much more. Not so unskippable now, are you, ads? On top of that, this version includes some nice fixes for overall app performance, including the Android TV version.
A ton of improvements for AdGuard’s YouTube player
Just look at what’s available now:
Change video quality, playback speed, and subtitle settings using the gear ⚙ button
AG player video settings
Picture-in-picture mode is now supported, which means you can shrink the video to a small window and keep playing it in the background while using other apps. Great for such things as listening to music or podcasts
Picture-in-picture mode
View recommendations at the end of the video, while paused, or by tapping the lower right corner of the player (availability depends on the video)
AG player recommended videos
Double-tap the right or left side of the screen to skip 10 seconds forward or back correspondingly
Quick reminder: to launch the AdGuard player, choose any video in the YouTube app, tap Share and select AdGuard Player (it’s likely that you will need to scroll right and tap More first).
Note: AdGuard player is based on the internal web browser that opens YouTube and has ad-blocking functionality built in. Therefore, the functioning and availability of its features depends on the web version of YouTube.
Focus now stays in the same place after opening the left-side menu of AdGuard for Android TV and closing it back;
DNS protection settings fail to reset to default ;
“Show DevTools on the main screen” toggle starts blinking after interacting with other toggles on the same screen;
Language-specific filter “Other, Other”;
Failed to reset to default the “Show DevTools on the main screen” option in Low-level settings;
AdGuard for Android TV crashes when you try to add a custom DNS server using a link with “adguard:add_dns_server?address=” prefix

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7.0 e versioni successive